This form only needs to be filled out once. When you select express pay all future loads will be express pay as well.

Due to fraud and double brokering issues we are very strict on allowing express pay. You must have the following to proceed:

  • Truck name on the side of the door MUST match the name on the BOL
  • A photo of the signed BOL next to the sign on the side of the truck taken at the time of delivery must be submitted.
  • Bank info must have the same name as the truck name and the BOL.
  • Cancelled check must have the printed name and address on it, or a signed bank letter with the truck name and address.

Any requests missing this info will not be processed. A check will be mailed to the info on file from MyCarrierPackets.

**By selecting express pay, payment will be sent within 48 hours of Listo Services receiving all required documents pertaining to the shipment. Payment will be sent by wire transfer for an additional fee of 5% of the load or a minimum amount of $35.00 whichever is greater.
Attach a photo or pdf of a canceled check. The account name must be the same as the carrier name AND MUST BE PRINTED ON THE CHECK ALONG WITH THE ADDRESS. A Signed Bank letter will be acceptable as well.
Attach a photo of the BOL next to the truck name at time of delivery.